A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

The game: As a player, you are a famous chef that cooks all the food with the microwave.

The objective: Satisfy customers by cooking their food orders, in order to raise the reputation of your restaurant beyond the sky.

The mechanics:

  • When customers order a food, the player has to try to figure out how to set the microwave to prepare that food, playing with the time it will be in the microwave and its power.
  • Customers have requirements, the closer the order result is to them, the better reputation the restaurant will receive. If the requirements fit, the client will also leave a tip.

@AleixRisco - Lead Pixel Artist
@Eclipse_Storm - Lead Programmer
@Vocarizm - Pixel Artist
@DreamingArts - Programmer
@Haokarlos - Game Design


The Amazing Microwave v1.02.apk 24 MB
TheAmazingMicrowave_02.app.zip 17 MB
The_Amazing_Microwave_Windows_02.zip 13 MB