The streaming is on. 

Be aware of the CHAT while playing MOOD Online for growing your followers.


Move mouse to point, left click to shoot.
TAB to change Game/Chat


Aleix Risco (@AleixRisco) Genius & Ideologist

Carlos García (@Haokarlos) Ideologist

Diego Díaz (@diegodidus5) Cult Game Designer

Miguel Boom (@DreamingArts) Lead Programmer

Alessia Nigretti (@AlessiaNigretti) Unity Expert

Víctor Álvarez (@VicAlvRom) Programmer & Closer

Víctor Ocáriz (@vocarizm) Cult Materializer

Daniel Caballero (@DarksCaballero) Artist Knight

Pablo Hernández (@PablerChild) UI Apprentice

Sonia Sqb (@SoniaSQB) Art Assistant 

Enzo Ferey (@enzo_ferey) Web & IT Developer

Alex de los Reyes - Sound Designer

Song: PancakePocket - Shooting Stars [Happy Hardcore]